Introducing Pressed Paradise

Outside the Vancouver Art Gallery 

Interactive performances exploring topics of gender, environment, immigration & consumption.

Guest Artist: Sepehr Samimi

Photos: Sepehr Samimi

March 27, 2016

Death Wall

On the Vancouver SeaWall

A durational performance exploring consumption, waste and excess.

Guest artist: Elissa Hanson

Photos: Illeanna Cheladyn 

April 18, 2016

House of Paradise

1934 William st

5 solos in 5 rooms in a house for 5 hours.

Guest artist: Sepehr Samimi

Photos: Yvonne Chew / Sophia Wolfe

May 14, 2016

PP Mailbox

The Dance Centre

A mailbox where Dance Centre visitors are encouraged to leave some mail for Pressed Paradise that may inspire performances that will happen in the building. Tell us what you’re thinking about. What’s on your mind? Do you have a question? A sensation? A hope? A fear? A complaint? A reflection?

November 2016-September 2017

A Game in the Loading Bay

TDC Loading Bay

A durational performance installation with the players: Mr. Oil, Mr. Government, Mr. Wall Street & Mr. Bank.

Guest Artist: Robert Azevedo

Photos: Christian Vistan

January 19+20, 2017


Rolling Boil

The Dance Centre Rooftop Patio

Rolling Boil is a gathering, a conjuring, a ritual and a subversion. The audience, as witnesses, are necessary to complete this spell. Through breathe, unison, repetition, and precision the performers blur the lines between the flesh of their dancing bodies and the flesh of the world around them. 

Created & performed by Kelly McInnes and Rianne Svelnis

Photos: Yvonne Chew

April 6+7, 2017


Pressed Paradise: International Dance Day

TDC elevator, loading bay, foyer, patio, closet

Pressed Paradise activates unconventional spaces at The Dance Centre for International Dance Day. 

April 29, 2017



English Bay

A durational movement piece with 12 performers in remembrance of ship MV Marathassa's oil spill on April 9th 2015.

Presented with Vines Art Festival

April 9, 2016 

Guest artists: Alisha Lemire, Carolina Bergonzoni, Danielle Lavallée, June Fukumara, Katie Gartlan-Close, Marc Castellini, Robert Azevedo, Sammy Chien, Sepehr Samimi, Tin Gamboa, Valerie Chrisitansen

June 3, 2018

Guest artists: Diego Romero Hayley Gawthrop, Cameron Davidson, Sammy Chien, Tin Gamboa, Olivia Shaffer, Laura Avery, Kimberly Ho, Dario Dinuzzi, Alisha Ahmadi, Justin Van, Maria Escola, Carmel Amit

Photos: Sheng Ho

Photo 2019-07-26, 4 48 12 PM.jpg
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Photo 2019-07-26, 4 48 35 PM.jpg

Movement Practice

Burrard Bridge

Durational perfomance rolling across Burrard Bridge considering our relationship to water.

Guest Artist: Robert Azevedo

Photos: Christian Vistan

July 26, 2019



David Lam Park

Durational solo performance by Kelly McInnes exploring fast-fashion, identity and consumption.

Presented with Vines Art Festival

Photos: Sheng Ho

August 13, 2019